Confitería Americana, S.A. de C.V was founded by Doña Carmen Arévalo Lindo, Salvadorean citizen and Don Antonio Heriberto Cabrera, Venezuelan citizen, during 1930 in the City of San Salvador, El Salvador.

Its foundation was due to the willingness of Don Antonio to develop and produce candies which at that time were non-existent in the country and were obtained only by importing them. Since Don Antonio had the know-how in candy making, he and his wife started to elaborate candy in a very traditional way. The first products made were sugar coated peanuts, sweet orange, nance, coconut milk candy, among others which immediately became the favorite of Salvadorians.

In the 1950s, the company started its industrialization process acquiring and updating its machinery and production processes; but it was not until the 1960s where the governments of Central America signed an innovative “Free Trade Agreement” which helped the company experience a strong growth in all of its products, becoming the pioneers in the country in the production of hard and soft candy, flat and round lollypops. Positioning itself as one of the most prestigious confectionery companies in Central America.

In 1969 the Central American Free Trade Agreement was suspended, which significantly slowed growth in the region. The 1980s also meant hard times for the company, due to the country’s civil war. It was a difficult, there were tough times ahead; however with the effort given from the entire organization at the time, Confiteria Americana strongly penetrated the roots in the local market, achieving a high market share in the country with very little to no investment in technology.

During the 1990s Confiteria Americana, S.A. de C.V. began its process of global restructuring, investing in the opening of a new facility where high-tech machinery was in charge in the development of new products. Since the 1990s the company has also developed different presentations involving gum, lollypops filled with gum, and candy filled with gum. Confiteria Americana, S.A. de C.V remains today a leading manufacturer of candy and gum in the country with a significant share of the national market.

The Company currently has a presence in the Central American market and the Caribbean. With sales projections to the United States and South America.


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