1. Sugar is our main raw materials, each bag weighs 100lbs!

2. This is an “industrial kitchen” where glucose, sugar and water mix at a temperature of 140 ° to create the mass of our delicious sweets!

3. In these two images we see our famous Orange flavor hard candy moving on the cooling belts!

4. A 100lbs mass of Tutti-Frutti bubblegum, a favorite for our guests!

5. Red mass moving into “forming machine” to shape our famous Melis Cherry lollypop!

6. Image showing the process of our Heart shaped lollypop, making aprox. 600 figures per minute!

7. Machines forming our famous Chiclin: candy filled with bubblegum!

8. Our GLUX Mint bubblegum includes a “sticker” inside, to paste anywhere: on your notebook, on a folder, on your case!

9. Wrapping machine of our Chicle Bomba, in this image: Peach-Mango favor, have you tried it already?

10. Our Chiclin Sandia wrapping machine with Tutti-Frutti gum inside!

11. Strips of jokes ready to be wrapped with our tasty Chiclin candy!

12. Our assorting department preparing mixtures for our yummy lollypops!

13. Traditional strawberry and grape hard candy, great taste!

14. Cherry Bolygoma in our quality department, ready to be packed!

15. Peppermint Chiclin, one of our star products!

16. Hard candy, lollipops, bubblegum and tablets being mixed for our party Mix presentations.

17. Packing our high quality product in our Confiteria Americana boxes!

18. Our warehouse of finished product, ready to send you the amount you want!